Top 10 Dragon Ball Games

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When it comes to the Dragonball series, there is a plethora of games, old and new, that one could find. Whether it be the original series, Dragonball Z, or Dragonball GT, there are a lot of games one can find. Unfortunately, Dragonball is not necessarily blessed with having great games. Despite this, there are games within the series that either come out decent or even really good. With that being said, I say, why bother staying in the negative. This is the Top 10 Dragonball Games. 

10. Dragonball GT – Transformation for the Gameboy Advance

Dragonball GT – Transformation, while not exactly a purely original title, is a fun side scrolling beat ‘em up akin to that of Streets of Rage for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive, or the arcade classic game, Final Fight. You have a choice to play as Goku, Pan, or Trunks as you make your way through various levels based on the first saga of Dragonball GT. A really great thing about this game is that you can unlock other various characters to play as, such as Piccolo, Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Vegeta, and even Baby. The ability to unlock different characters adds a bit of replayability to the game, but not much, which is why this game is only at number 10.

9. Dragonball – Super Gokuden for the Super Famicom

Dragonball: Super Gokuden is a turn based RPG for the Super Famicom. It was released in Japan only, and is based on the events of Dragonball from the very beginning up until Goku’s battle with Piccolo Daimao (Demon King Piccolo.) If you can manage to translate this game, it’s actually pretty good. While the game is an RPG, during the cutscenes you also need to know your Dragonball knowledge because characters will ask you questions and it will be your job to reply to these questions as they were replied in the actual series. Answering these questions wrong can either alter the storyline or even possibly cause a game over if you aren’t careful. The fighting system of the game is pretty well done too, though it’s not the greatest. The system would be slightly fixed in a future game called Dragonball Z: Super Gokuden 2, which is why this game only appears at number 9.

8. Dragonball Z – Super Gokuden 2 for the Super Famicom

The sequel to the original Super Gokuden on the Super Famicom, this game takes place at the end of Dragonball during the World Tournament and goes through Dragonball Z up until the end of the Frieza saga. This game makes the fighting engine easier to use and allows for some nice, explosive, fast paced fighting. Much like its predecessor, the cutscenes require that you know your DB and Z knowledge as the trivia is just as prevalent in this game, if not more so. I remember, for example, in the beginning of the game, I accidently revealed to Tien too early that the opponent I would be facing was Piccolo. Tien then trapped him with the Evil Containment Wave attack and then a screen came up claiming that because Piccolo was trapped in the bottle, there was no one to help Goku defend the Earth from the Saiyan invasion which destroys the planet. I really like the concept of this game, but unfortunately due to a lack of a North American release you can only play this game through poorly translated emulated roms. It’s a real setback, but that’s the only thing keeping this game at number 8.

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