Top 10 Dragon Ball Games #1

// Written by .D. \\

1.Dragonball Advanced Adventure for the Gameboy Advance

Dragonball Advanced Adventure is easily my number 1 pick for this list. While most of the games on this list try to be good Dragonball games, this game tries to be a great game in general and it works fantastically. This game is easily the most unique game in the group as it combines a great platformer as well as a solid fighting game engine. This game takes place from the very beginning of Dragonball all the way up to the battle with Piccolo Daimao (Demon King Piccolo.) What’s great about this game is it also has tremendous replay value. While there are 2 versions of the main story, one where you play as Goku, the other as Krillin, you can also unlock an Extra Mode that allows you to play as every single character in the game. That doesn’t just mean other heroes or bosses, this means literally everyone. Want to play as a random pig bandit? Go ahead, just unlock him first. Want to play as a random Red Ribbon Army grunt? All you need to do is unlock him. You can even play as a dog if you really want to. All you need to do is unlock these characters. To unlock them you need to find various items throughout the game. You can also choose to play the 1 on 1 fighting game mode. There is a free fight mode where you can fight any character at any stage, and there is a Survival mode that has you fight every character that you would in the main story within this mode of play. The roster for the fighting mode is pretty nice. It’s got all the noteworthy fighters to choose from. You have Goku, Krillin, Jackie Chun (Master Roshi,) Grandpa Gohan, Mercenary Tao, Tien, Demon King Piccolo, and you can also unlock Cyborg Tao. I wish Nam, Giran, and Chiaotzu were available in the fighting game mode, but you can only fight them in Survival. The thing that makes Dragonball Advanced Adventure a great game is that it can appeal to anybody. This is more than a just a good Dragonball game, this is just an all around great game.

There you have it. .D.’s top 10 Dragonball games on Anime Games Online. Like I said earlier, for a series that has a plethora of games to choose from, it isn’t exactly blessed with having that many great games. A top 10 list was actually hard to make because I had to think really hard on the games that are even remotely good, let alone great. That being said, these games are easily the diamonds in the rough. If you are a Dragonball fan, I highly suggest checking some of these out if you can. It couldn’t hurt.

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