My Hero Academia: One’s Justice – Hero and Villain Story Modes, Online, Customization

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice will have a Hero Story Mode, Villain Story Mode, online mode, and character customization according to Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

  • Hero Story Mode – This is where players experience the story of My Hero Academia from the hero perspective. The first meeting between lead character Izuku “Deku” Midoriya and a pro hero by the name of Gran Torino is highlighted. In addition to content from the anime/manga, the game’s story mode will have developments unique to the game.
  • Villain Story Mode – After completing the Hero Story Mode a new mode will unlock where players can enjoy the My Hero Academia story from the the villains’ perspective.
  • Online Mode – Players can take their skills online and battle friends and strangers
  • Character Customization – By playing the story modes and online, players will obtain items to equip to their characters and edit the online player card. The items are cosmetic. You can see an example on this page.

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice is scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 4 and Switch on August 23, 2018 in Japan. The game will be on PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC/Steam in the Americas and Europe later this year as well, but a specific date has not yet been announced. Thus far, the game has 17 confirmed playable characters – Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, All Might, Tomura Shigaraki, Katsuki Bakugo, Ochacho Uraraka, Tenya Iida, Tsuyu Asui, Denki Kaminari, Momo Yayorozu, Shota Aizawa, Hero Killer: Stain, and Fumikage Tokoyami, Kyoka Jiro, Eijiro Kirishima, Dabi, and Himiko Toga.

My Hero Academia: One's Justice - Details on Modes