My Hero Academia Episode 44 (Season 3 Episode 6) Spoilers

Posted on May 6, 2018

My Hero Academia episode 44 (or episode 6 of season 3) spoilers are here! Titled “Roaring Upheavel”, the episode will continue where the previous left off – with U.A. High School’s first year students/teachers and the Wild, Wild Pussycats pro hero group taking on the League of Villains’ Vanguard Action Squad! However, in episode 44, there is another threat and that is the quirk of fellow Class 1-A student Fumikage Tokoyami – Dark Shadow! As it is now nightfall, Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow is out of his control. Deku works to protect Tokoyami and fight alongside his other fellow classmate, Mezo Shoji. Bakugo and Todoroki fight the villain Moonfish, while Ochako and Tsuyu encounter another villain by the name of Himiko Toga. How will our heroes and heroes in training fare? We’ll have to watch My Hero Academia Episode 44 to find out! Check out the preview for the next episode for scenes and additional spoilers below.