Dragon Ball FighterZ: Fused Zamasu Special Moves Information

Fused Zamasu is heading to Dragon Ball FighterZ as DLC content sometime in the near future. While a release date hasn’t been announced yet, information on his special moves have! Fused Zamasu is the fusion of two formidble enemies from Dragon Ball Super, Zamasu and Goku Black, using the Potara earrings. Introducing himself as “The Immortal, Strongest God”, Fused Zamasu’s overwhelming power corned Goku and company in the anime/manga series. in Dragon Ball FighterZ, he is difficult to use, but his unique movements make him a technical character with lots of possibilities!

Fused Zamasu’s stats are as follows: Power: 4/5, Speed: 4/5, Reach: 3/5, Technique: 5/5, Energy: 4/5. Overall, Fused Zamasu is not an easy character to use, his rating is a B (or a 2/5).

Fused Zamasu’s special moves are Heavenly Radiance, Divine Discipline, Barrier of Light, and Eternal Justice. Heavenly Radiance, the first screenshot from the left in the image below, allows Fused Zamasu to move freely through the air. Divine Discipline allows for Fused Zamasu to unleash an enormous ki blade that becomes more powerful when it is charged! Barrier of Light, the third screenshot from the left, allows for launch of light bullets in time gaps between normal attacks. A description for Eternal Justice is not listed.

The super attack for Fused Zamasu is Blades of Judgement, this attack launches a barrage of red energy blades at the opponent. If the blades make contact with the ground, they will burst in a destructive explosion. Blades of Judgment can be used by Fused Zamasu while on the move!

His ultimate attack is Lightning of Absolution, which is when Fused Zamasu performs a pose and fires down giant, purple bolts of thunder.

Fused Zamasu also has the attack Holy Wrath in his arsenal, which is when he fires a huge red ball of fire-looking energy at his opponent. You can see screenshots of it in the slideshow below and some of the moves mentioned above in the slideshow and the second video, which is the character trailer.

Credit to Salty Pete