My Hero Academia Season 3 English Dub Delayed, Episode 39 Preview

Posted on April 5, 2018

Funimation Entertainment, the company behind the English dub of My Hero Academia, has announced season 3 is delayed. This is just the English dub, which was originally scheduled to be officially uploaded online this Saturday. The Japanese dub with English subtitles is still on-track to be released this week on April 7, 2018.

Episode 2 of Season 3, which is episode 40 overall in the My Hero Academia anime series (titled: Wild, Wild, Pussycats) of the English dub is on schedule and is expected to be available online on Saturday, April 14 along with the English subtitled episode.

Here is Funimation’s official word, which was shared in a nice, hand-written note.

Season 3 is almost here, and we are still working on the dub. Our partners in Japan are working VERY hard to make broadcast deadlines, but to do production delays, they weren’t ab;e to send the episode early for dubbing.

BUT HAVE NO FEAR! We’ll be premiering the sub in the meantime AND we’e still on schedule for dubbing episode 2 – which is when the action hits!

So enjoy the sub premiere this week and tune in for the dub of episode 2 next week as we stream the same day it airs in Japan!


My Hero Academia Season 3 English Dub Delayed

Below is a preview images of episode 1 of Season 3, which is episode 39 in the series overall (titled: Game Start) and a 15-second commercial. The episode itself (again, only Japanese with English subtitles) airs on Saturday, April 7. The preview states that summer break is here and the School Trip is just around the corner. Lead character Izuku “Deku” Midoriya has been training at home to prepare for the School Trip. That is until Deku’s classmates, Mineta and Kaminari, invite him to undergo special trainining at the school’s pool.

What is this special training? The boys of class 1-A will be competing in a 50 meter swimming race with no rules. Each boy can use their quirk during the race, and as they do, the episode flashes back to events from the anime’s past. It’s basically a recap episode, showing everything from Deku’s meeting with All Might to battles with villains including Stain to the Final Exams and more. Basically the main events from the first semester in UA or the first 2 seasons of the My Hero Academia anime!

Episode 39 Preview


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