My Hero Academia Episode 40 (Season 3 Episode 2) Spoilers, New Opening/Ending

Posted on April 7, 2018

Season 3 of My Hero Academia has begun! With episode 1, an original episode with flashbacks, now having aired, it’s time to look at the next episode. Spoilers for My Hero Academia episode 40 (episode 2 in season 3) are here thanks to Twitter user Sebz.

The episode is titled “Wild, Wild Pussycats” – the same as chapter 70 of mangaka Kōhei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia manga!

Make for the Forest Lodge! U.A.’s Department of Heroes begins their School Trip!!

Izuku and company have departed for their forest lodge, but the bus drops them only halfway. They’re instructed to enter the Forest of Magic Beasts, and use their own strengths, to reach the destination themselves!

This Week’s Shigaraki: Targeting the Students at the Training Camp?! Shigaraki had made contact with Izuku before the school trip and plans his next attack for the students at the forest lodge. What threat does the League of Villains present to Izuku?

IMAGES top: Izuku and the Department of Heroes face a rigorous test. Mandalay: One of the Pussycats providing the test for the U.A. students. A Pro Hero. Pixie Bob: A member of the Pussycats. She can create “Devil Beasts” from the earth.

My Hero Academia Episode 40 (Season 3 Episode 2) Spoilers

Here are some spoilers in video format for episode 40. It is the preview that aired at the end of episode 39.

Along with the spoilers are the new opening and ending for Season 3. The first video below is the opening, titled “ODD FUTURE” by Japanese rock band UVERworld. The second video is the ending, titled “UPDATE” by Japanese singer Miwa.