Dragon Ball Super Movie: Will Take Place in Past and Present

Posted on April 30, 2018

With Dragon Ball off the air, the fan desire for information and news for the up-coming Dragon Ball Super movie is at it’s max! The latest information for the 20th movie in the franchise is straight from an interview with Shueisha’s Dragon Ball Room chief, Akio Iyoku. According to him, the Dragon Ball Super movie will have a multilayered story that will take place in the past and present and across multiple settings. Iyoku mentioned Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama, has provided the story for the movie and over 20 designs sheets worth of characters, machines, and at least one new planet.

For those wondering what Dragon Ball Room is, it is a part of the Japanese manga publisher Shueisha that handles tasks for work by Toriyama-sensei, including Dragon Ball. tasks can include foreign or domestic licensees and helping with editorial supervision and contracts relating to filming and commercialization of Dragon Ball and other works by Toriyama-sensei.

Work on the Dragon Ball Super movie began in the Spring of 2017. The Dragon Ball Room team sent several proposals to Toriyama-sensei for a new movie, with him rejecting them mostly. The proposals did get Toriyama-sensei thinking of a new story and work for the Dragon Ball Super story was done mainly over e-mail, with in-person meetings every two months.

It was decided the story would be about Saiyans. Toriyama-sensei provided an initial story in May 2017, but worried it was too story so he expanded on it and it became too long. Toei Animation, the studio which will animate the Dragon Ball Super movie, is now working on pulling it all together. Iyoku mentioned he felt it was much easier for Toriyama-sensei to create a story for a movie than for a long-running TV show.

One thing Toriyama-sensei warned about when auditioning a new character designer for the Dragon Ball Super movie was if they could make a character look cool standing straight facing forward. It’s easier to make a character look cool facing to one side, but they often look awkward facing straight ahead. In other words, whether or not a character designer could draw Goku’s face was irrelevant, since if they had real artistic skill they could simply learn that later. First it was necessary to take care of the fundamentals.

Toriyama-sensei also thoroughly checked body balance, to see if candidates for the movie’s character designer properly understood the body inside the martial arts uniform. In the end, Toriyama personally selected the character designer for the movie.

Iyoku says one of their goals for the Dragon Ball Super movie is to deliver this film to fans all over the world. It will still take time once the film is completed for it to be localized and debut overseas, so it’s possible the December 14, 2018 worldwide simultaneous release of the movie may be an exaggeration. December 14, 2018 should only be considered as the Japanese theatrical release date for the movie at this time.

Iyoku concludes by saying Toriyama’s story includes a lot of fan service. Not necessarily in terms of female appeal, although Bulma and the rest of the female cast this time around will be extra cute, but more in terms of super cool battles and fighting scenes. At least that’s how we understand it.

For those who missed the teaser from March 20, take a look at it below.

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