Dragon Ball FighterZ: Vegito Blue Revealed, Gameplay Character Trailer

Posted on April 28, 2018

With the data mining and reveal of Fused Zamasu these past few weeks, Vegito Blue was all, but confirmed. Well, on this fine Saturday exciting news comes to Dragon Ball FighterZ players as Vegito Blue is confirmed! Not in the form of magazine scans like usually, but this time a playable character was revealed through a gameplay character trailer right off the bat! For the uninformed, this is the fusion of Son Goku and Vegeta with the Potara Earrings. Once Goku and Vegita put these earrings on opposite ears, their bodies quickly and automatically gravitate toward one another and combine to become Vegito. Then, tapping into god ki energy, Vegito is able to take his power to even greater heights to become Vegito Blue! Take a look at Vegito Blue, officially known as Vegito (SSGSS), in the video below!