Dragon Ball Will Return, Super’s Final Episode Gets Huge Crowd Reaction in Public Showing

Posted on March 25, 2018

The final episode of Dragon Ball Super has aired and the series has concluded for the time being. However, Dragon Ball will return to us mentioned by the series voice actors and at the end of the episode itself where the narrator says “When a new unknown powerful enemy appears, Goku and his friends’ adventures will begin again. Until then, a brief parting. See you all again!”

When a new TV series will come to us is and in what form is unknown at this point, but we do know the full-length feature film, Dragon Ball Super the Movie, is scheduled to open worldwide on December 14, 2018. The Dragon Ball iron is still hot and there are many more adventures we want to take part in with our heroes!

Dragon Ball Super 131 Spoilers Ahead

Take a look at the huge crowd reaction to the episode in Mexico, where the country had official public showings of the episode, approved by the Mexican government. The engagement, the passion following every second of the action when Frieza, Goku, and 17 fought Jiren. This is what it means to be a true Dragon Ball fan! A stronger reaction was drawn when Goku’s hair flashed yellow as he teamed up directly with Frieza. And then the noise of shock and horror to see Goku and Frieza out of the ring followed by a sigh of relief and excitement when Jiren is also shown to be out-of-bounds. The crowd is heard cheering “FREEZER” which is what Frieza’s name is in Mexico and jumping up and down happily.

What was our reaction to the episode? This gif from Naruto best describes us at the height of the action!