Dragon Ball Super Movie Coming December 14, Toriyama’s Message

Posted on March 12, 2018

The 20th movie in the legendary Dragon Ball franchise is making its way to the world on December 14, 2018. Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama, is writing the script and designing the characters and one of Dragon Ball Super’s Directors from episode 77 on (who also directed One Piece Film Z), Tatsuya Nagamine, is directing the movie. Here is what Toriyama-sensei has to say about this up-coming Dragon Ball Super movie along with a picture of Goku with what looks to be a slightly longer hair style and belt that hangs out in a suave fashion!

This Dragon Ball Super film is the next story after the currently airing television anime. The story takes place after the climax of the Tournament of Power, where the fate of the universe was at stake, and the short rest that follows. It will give a few previously unwritten details about the Saiyans and Frieza, as well as a long-awaited strong opponent to overcome, and I think it will be an enjoyable story!

From 2013’s Battle of Gods and the last film Resurrection ‘F’ to the current film, I’ve been carefully writing, and I’ve had the pleasure of drawing lots of designs and the like. I’m actually as busy as ever, but while I don’t have to serialize anything I have time to think about the anime, which used to be out of my hands. (laughs) So please look forward to it!

By the way, the television anime is over for now, but Toyotarō’s popular manga (five volumes out now!) is continuing. I think it will have different developments from the television anime and film, so please look forward to it. I certainly will!

Dragon Ball Super Movie Coming December 14, First Details