Dragon Ball Super: Cast Comments on Final Episode, Shares Message for Fans

Posted on March 22, 2018

The past two and half years, 130 episodes, have been great ones. The final episode (episode 131) of Dragon Ball Super is just a mere few days away on March 25, 2018 (or March 24 in the US). The fate of the universes will be decided as Universe 7’s Goku, Frieza, and Android 17 take on Universe 11’s Jiren in the remaining seconds left in the Tournament of Power. Who will be the victor? We’ll have to wait and see, but based on the preview, it seems like somebody will win as we see a glowing gold light indicating the appearance of the dragon of the gods, Super Shenron, using the Super Dragon Balls.

A few members of the cast share their comments on the final episode and a message for fans on Toei Animation’s website. Take a look at them below. English translation thanks to Herms98

Goku Voice Actor

Masako Nozawa, Japanese Voice Actor for Goku and Gohan

About Goku and Gohan

Even during the Universe Survival arc, sure enough I’ve felt that Goku was very Goku-like. During battles he fights as hard as he can, and during downtime he makes everyone relax. Even in Dragon Ball Super, that hasn’t changed.

Jiren may have been strong, but right from the start Goku never felt like losing. After all, he’s Goku! He’s constantly training to improve himself, right? Even looking at it objectively, I still think Goku can win. Because I believe in him.

Also, this time around he had nine comrades. It sure is nice to have friends. But surely he couldn’t recruit Freeza to fight alongside him? I think the fact that he pulled that off is all down to him being Goku. An ordinary person would never have been able to recruit someone as selfish as Freeza!

Highlights of the Final Episode

I personally think the final episode is exciting to watch right from the opening titles. So I hope everyone is excited as they watch it. And I don’t think anyone will finish watching it and go “that was a bit off”! It draws you in from start to finish, and in the end you’re left with a sense of accomplishment; that’s the kind of show it ended up being. People will think “Yippy!”, “I saw it!”; I can already hear everyone saying “let’s meet again!”

A Message to the Fans

With the recording session for the final episode of Dragon Ball Super over…I’m filled with emotion. Sure enough, Goku was his old self! While the TV anime is taking a little break, there’s still the movie in December, and I hope that another TV series will start up while the iron is still hot. I’m sure Goku will keep on training like always. Because the world of Dragon Ball will just keep on going and going!

Vegeta Voice Actor

Ryō Horikawa, Japanese Voice Actor for Vegeta

About Vegeta

In Dragon Ball Super Vegeta has really become a good father. He’s fully adapted to life on Earth. Although he started out as a villain, he’s now settled down with a family on Earth. From the movie Battle of Gods to Dragon Ball Super, I’ve been able to portray various different aspects of Vegeta. In Battle of Gods I even got to dance!

While he used to fight only for his own sake, and cared only about getting stronger, in Dragon Ball Super he has fought for the sake of others for the first time. For the sake of his family, for Earth, and for the universe. Acting as a mentor to Cabba is another first. I was like “Wow, Vegeta’s giving him lessons!” And then he vowed to win and bring Cabba back to life. Even though he started out as a heel, he’s a heel no longer. It’s deeply moving to see how people can change, even aliens.

Although I haven’t really been intentionally changing my performance, I think that by performing over such a long period of time it has changed without me even realizing it, just as people develop over time. I think that by having a family, the nature of his strength has changed. Before now he only cared about winning. But by acknowledging his opponents’ strength and his own weakness, he has awakened to true strength, beyond simply physical strength, and I guess that’s how he’s achieved a power-up different from Goku’s, right? That’s the feeling I get.

Highlights of the Final Episode

All you fans, please enjoy the climax of Dragon Ball Super. But it’s not like this is the end of Dragon Ball itself. I hope I’ll be able to deliver thrills to you all again in the future.

PiccoloVoice Actor

Toshio Furukawa Japanese Voice Actor for Piccolo

About Piccolo

The Universe Survival arc of Dragon Ball Super closely resembles the Tenkaichi Budokai. Piccolo appeared as Ma Junior at the Tenkaichi Budokai, so I’m happy that Dragon Ball seems to be returning to its roots. But unlike the one-on-one Tenkaichi Budokai, this is a battle royale format that allows for all sorts of combinations in its battles; that aspect of it feels like progress.

In Dragon Ball Super, Piccolo has spent more time acting like Gohan’s housemaid than he has fighting. While in its own way that’s fun to perform too, it makes me very happy that Piccolo was able to do a lot of fighting alongside Gohan at the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball is an extremely unusual series, popular around the globe. Recently I’ve been invited to pop culture, anime, and manga conventions all over the world, and no matter what country I go to they always have Dragon Ball cosplayers. Normally countries will have some Japanese series which they’re excited about and others which they’re not, but Dragon Ball is popular everywhere; its popularity transcends nations.

And now Dragon Ball Super has stopped being a simple tale of good triumphing over evil, which I think shows that Dragon Ball is growing up too. A wide range of people watch it, from children to students to adults. The staff and actors do their best to make sure to please them all.

Highlights of the Final Episode

Dragon Ball has become a series for all generations and all the world. I think the final episode will be enjoyable not only for children, but for all the adults too. While this episode marks the end of the TV anime for now, I expect that it will probably start up again. Of course everyone should look forward to the movie in December, but also look forward to what will happen afterwards!

Master Roshi Voice Actor

Masaharu Satō, Japanese Voice Actor for Master Roshi

About Master Roshi

When the Universe Survival arc began and Master Roshi was selected as one of the ten warriors, I was surprised: “How long can he keep up? Probably not very long.” But I’m thankful that he got so many chances to shine.

Even after dropping out, he’s continued to cheer on the other warriors…the ten warriors work together. Even Freeza fights for the sake of his comrades and helps them out. Freza, Vegeta…these guys who used to be nasty foes, but now it’s like “Huh? They did that?” I’m happy to see that they’re showing off a new side of themselves. That’s what makes Dragon Ball great!

Highlights of the Final Episode

It’s the final episode at last…Jiren sure is strong…! But I think the highlight will be seeing just how Jiren gets taken down.

A Message to the Fans

Master Roshi trained before the Tournament of Power, so now it seems that he’s moved beyond being tempted by cute girls (laughs). I’m hoping that after the Tournament of Power, he goes back to his old self (laughs). Dragon Ball isn’t ending here, so I’m looking forward to seeing along with everyone else where the series and where Master Roshi go from here.

Android 18 Voice Actress

Miko Itō, Japanese Voice Actress for Android 18

About Android 18

In the Universe Survival arc, 18 fights for the first time in ages! I was so happy! In Dragon Ball Super she’s given birth to Marron and devoted herself to housework the entire time, but it’s good to see that she’s kept in shape (laughs).

What’s more, I’m glad that this time around she was able to fight alongside Krillin. After all, she’s obviously much stronger than he is, and yet she never gets a chance to fight. Well, I suppose that’s what makes 18 so great: she supports her husband Krillin and is a mother to Marron. But even so, fighting again after so long got my warrior blood pumping! I got a little choked up too when Krillin would rush to my aid in the midst of battle, and cheer me on. He really loves 18! I get a kick out of Mayumi (Tanaka)-san calling my name in that earnest voice of hers! I love Krillin too! There’s no better couple in all of Dragon Ball! When it comes to the power of love, they’re more than a match for the likes of Ribrianne, no matter how young and cute she is! And besides that, having 17 participate and being able to fight alongside him…I never dreamed that would happen, so it made me very happy.

A Message to the Fans

17 saves 18, 18 saves 17, during downtime the two of them can communicate with just a glance, their hearts beat in unison…it’s been a long time since I was able to reconfirm my bond with 17. I think this reunion has been splendid. 17 has survived to the final episode, so I’m cheering him on as hard as I can. I want you all to cheer him on too. It’s sure to be a wonderful climax!

Tenshinhan Voice Actor

Hikaru Midorikawa, Japanese Voice Actor for Tenshinhan

About Tenshinhan

Toriyama-sensei has participated in Dragon Ball Super on all fronts, and you can tell from the storyline that he values the old characters. I’m glad that Tenshinhan was selected as one of the ten warriors for the Tournament of Power, that he appeared so much, and that he had his time to shine. It’s very satisfying that the Shin-Kikoho came in handy, and that I was praised by Beerus-sama. I still try and know my place (laughs), but I’m very grateful.

Besides Tenshinhan, the Tournament of Power has had many moments that make you go “oh, they picked up on that!”; developments that keep the old fans happy. As a fan myself, I was happy to see the Kame-sennin’s battles.

When I stepped into the shoes of my illustrious predecessor Hirotaka Suzuoki-san and took over the role of Tenshinhan from Dragon Ball Kai onward, at first there was some pressure. But with Dragon Ball Super, I’ve been able to relax and perform Tenshinhan more naturally.

Also, I played 16 in Dragon Ball Z, so as a fellow android I’m glad to see 17 and 18 having such a large role (laughs).

Highlights of the Final Episode

I heard that director (Ryota) Nakamura spent about three months drawing the storyboards for the final episode. Having just finished the recording session and seen the storyboards, their quality is enough to make me almost believe this. Incredible! I think this might turn out to be an amazing final episode. Story-wise, there’s plenty of scenes to make the fans’ hearts skip a beat, and as a fan I want to see it soon!

Krillin Voice Actress

Mayumi Tanaka, Japanese Voice Actress for Krillin

About Krillin

Krillin was invited to the Tournament of Power and sure…was very…active…Meanwhile, Yamcha wasn’t invited at all…I apologized to Toru Furuya: “It would’ve been nice if Krillin had asked ‘what about Yamcha?’”

Even after dropping out, he cheered on the others: “18-san!” “Goku!”…He’s really the strongest out of all the ordinary Earthlings without special abilities, and he excels at supporting others. He cares for his family, cares for his wife…As you can tell from the battle with Ribrianne, the power of Krillin and 18’s love wins out against any other couple! Dragon Ball Super shows that they definitely won’t lose…that’s all Krillin needs.

Highlights of the Final Episode

But moving on to the final episode and its highlights…Freeza’s battle is really amazing…and so is Krillin’s brother-in-law 17…I won’t spoil anything, but please cheer on all of the remaining warriors. Still, from Krillin’s perspective, he was killed once before by Freeza (laughs), so he can’t voice his feelings…When Goku went to invite Freeza to the Tournament of Power, he had mixed emotions…But Freeza is a very charming character. Vegeta is like that too; they’re appealing because they’re not upfront about their feelings. Krillin is very upfront. But that’s what’s good about him…I think Krillin beats Goku and Vegeta when it comes to his love for his family!

A Message to the Fans

Oh, I ended up talking about Krillin again. Anyway, though this is the climax to the Universe Survival arc, Dragon Ball will definitely keep on going, so this doesn’t really feel like the final episode. The TV anime may end, but there’s still the movie and games…I think it’ll be back again before too long!

Android 17 Voice Actor

Shigeru Nakahara, Japanese Voice Actor for Android 17

About Android 17

I didn’t think 17 would appear in Dragon Ball again, so this made me pretty happy. I’ve been playing him in the games but never dreamed I’d be able to appear in the Universe Survival arc that Toriyama-sensei provided the original draft for! Not only that, but to be active as one of the main characters, and remain until the final episode, fills me with emotion.

It was interesting to interact with various characters I never got to meet in the Cell arc, like Goku, Gohan, and Freeza. But in the end, being able to fight alongside 18 made me happiest.

Unlike before, 17 now has a family and even adopted children, and protects an island…no matter how I look at it, I feel like surely he must have been influenced by 16. Out of the entire Universe Survival arc, the two episodes that left the biggest impression on me were 86 and 87, where he meets Goku for the first time, fights with him, and they get to know each other. At the time I was able to perform very easily. It felt like I came back without any resistance, and while time may have passed in the story, I was able to perform naturally.

Highlights of the Final Episode

Surely nobody would have predicted 17 would remain to the final episode. Since it seemed like he died blowing himself up…right? Funny that the last ones left are 17, Freeza, and Goku. These three teaming up…it won’t just be a battle, it will be an incredible chemical reaction. Toriyama-sensei provided the original draft, so it’s sure to be an unpredictable climax. I think everyone will be satisfied by it. It will be a very Dragon Ball-like conclusion. I’m looking forward to Toriyama-sensei thinking up what comes next so that I can meet everyone again!