Black Clover Quartet Knights New Trailer, Everything We Know So Far

Black Clover Quartet Knights is Bandai Namco Entertainment’s first console video game entry based on the Black Clover anime/manga series. What do we know about it? We’ll cover everything we know so far in this post, including the new trailer released today. Black Clover Quartet Knights is in development by Ilinx and planned for release sometime later this year on the Sony PlayStation 4 and PC/Steam. A specific release date hasn’t been announced yet. The game is currently listed to have English, French, and Spanish subtitles with Japanese voice-overs for the Americas and English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish subtitles with Japanese voice-overs for Europe.

Once upon a time, humanity once came close to being decimated by demons. It was just one mage who saved human kind, and that mage became known as the Wizard King. The Wizard Kind is regarded as a legend and for generations, he has protected the people of the magical world. In Black Clover Quartet Knights, players are equipped with various attack, defense and support specializations and square off in bouts of 4-vs-4 high tension third person magical combat!

Black Clover Quartet Knights New Trailer, Everything We Know So Far

Each character in Black Clover Quartet Knights will be in a four-player formation with different skills:

  • The Melee character will attack with aggressive magic doing powerful damage in close range battles.
  • The Range role is really efficient in long distance fights with a strong shot when the character is properly positioned on a hill.
  • The Barrier will support the team being able to raise abilities of teammates.
  • The Healer will help the team with healing magic.


Asta, Karuna, Noelle Silva, Yuno, Yami Sukehiro, Luck Voltia, Magna Swing, Gauche Adlai and Mimosa Vermilion are among the playable characters in the game.

  • Asta, a Melee character, is really good at wall running and can eliminate the magic set by enemies with one swing!
  • Yuno, Gauche, and Yami have a Range role. Yuno has high mobility in the air whilst Gauche performs high-firing and long-range shooting from advantageous positioning by teleportation using a mirror. Yami can slash from a distance with his dark magic.
  • Noelle is a Barrier Healer type character and features a high fire power magic to protect teammates.
  • Mimosa is a recover healer character fighting with various magic such as range recovery magic “Dream Healing Flower Basket” and trap magic “Maiden’s nursery bed”.

Manga has the ability to launch exploding fireballs. Luck can shroud himself with electricity and move with god-like speed. Their specific types haven’t been officially mentioned, but Manga seems like another range character while Luck seems like a melee character.

As for specific modes in Black Clover Quartet Knights, two have been highlighted so far – Treasure Hunt and Zone Control. The new trailer, released today, is on Treasure Hunt. In it, players grab the key and open their Treasure Chest! A key will randomly appear on the map so you must get to it before your opponents! If you are the first to get the key when it appears on the map you get one point, and if you use it to open your Treasure Chest you get three points. The first team to reach five points wins! Fight for the key and secure the treasure!

Zone control is when teams race to hold control of the target area. Standing within the ring will fill the magic gauge. Teams can add more team members in the ring to increase the gauge fill rate, but run the risk of vulnerability to a full barrage from the opposing team. Cooperate with your team to control the zone and win the match!

As we learn more about Black Clover Quartet Knights, we hope to update you right here on Anime Games Online!