Attack on Titan 2 on Nintendo Switch Review

Posted on March 26, 2018

Attack on Titan 2 (titled A.O.T 2 in Europe) is Koei Tecmo and Omega Force’s second entry into the world of Attack on Titan. The first one put players in the shoes of one of the characters from the series. The second places us in the shoes of our own created character. Is the journey a good one? Take a look at the Anime Games Online review below in the format of what was liked and disliked. The review is based on the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Attack on Titan 2 is also availible on PS4, Xbox One, and PC/Steam in North America and Europe.

====What I Liked====

Character Creation

The biggest draw to Attack on Titan 2 is the ability to create your own character. The character creation is very deep in Attack on Titan 2 for an anime game. Players can edit basically all physical attributes from head size/shape, to eye size/shape, body size/shape, and so on. There are sliders to adjust width and length of different attributes and basically, if you chose to do so, can make a male character that looks like a female character and vice versa. There are pre-sets for males and females as well so you have a starting point of a character that may look good to you. Also, it is worth noting anything and everything can be edited after your character is created. This includes your character’s name! The ability to completely change your character even if you’re halfway through the story is much appreciated! Basically Koei Tecmo and Omega Force included all the features we wanted in Attack on Titan 2 that we wanted in Bandai Namco Entertainment and Dimps’ Dragon Ball Xenoverse series from a physical traits editing and customization standpoint. It’s much easier to just share video to show the greatness of Attack on Titan 2’s character creator.


The story of Attack on Titan 2 follows season one and two of the anime, but with a twist! And that twist is the perspective of your own created character. Essentially, if you create yourself, it can be your story and backstory. Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and the others from the anime/manga series are with you every step of the way and the custom created character has their own perspective to the events that unfold in season one and season two. It makes the Attack on Titan story we know and love fresh as it’s not just a simple retelling of what we’ve already seen in the anime/manga.


The first Attack on Titan game was released in 2016 so it’s been two years since I played that. I remember I was a beast at that game, but picking up Attack on Titan 2, I totally forgot the controls. Thankfully Attack on Titan 2 has a very nice tutorial on how to play the game. It’s integrated with the story and there is plenty of time to practice in a closed, protected environment and then put that practice to use against titans to become a master.

Omni-Directional Mobility Gear

It’s a blast to use the omni-directional mobility gear. It’s like you’re Spider-Man, but in the Attack on Titan world. Just slinging from location to location is fun. I personally love to challenge myself by immediately trying to tether myself to one titan, slay them, and then immediately try to tether to another titan to slay them without needing to jump onto the ground or hook onto a building. It leads to quicker kills since time to reposition yourself is saved!

Huge Stages, but Straightforward Paths

Each stage in Attack on Titan 2 is huge so a lot of exploring and slinging through omni-directional mobility gear can be done. However, there is no confusion on where to go next, everything is straightforward which I like. There is a red flag or exclamation point on the map and red smoke signal generally that indicates an area that is required of us to go to progress the game and then for optional areas, it’s green. No guessing!

Game Looks Smooth

The graphics on Nintendo Switch look fantastic. I played the first Attack on Titan game on PlayStation 3 and Attack on Titan 2 on the Nintendo Switch definitely looks crisper. I don’t recall seeing what the resolution on Switch in TV mode is, but when playing, it looks great. Comparing the graphics to the the other platforms, of course, Attack on Titan 2 looks better on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The graphics are brighter and even crisper there, but to me, it only looks different when comparing side-by-side. When not comparing, the game looks smooth on the Nintendo Switch!

====What I Disliked====

Text and Map Size in Handheld Mode

Attack on Titan 2 looks great in handheld mode as well when just looking at the character models and textures. The pain comes in practicality. The subtitles for character dialogue took a little extra effort to read and the map sometimes felt unsuable for me because it was small. I don’t know if this is a defect of the game not better sizing the map or Nintendo Switch handheld screen being far smaller than a 24″ computer monitor (which is what I play my games on in Switch’s TV mode). The map, for me, is needed as it indicates where I need to go next. With an unusable map, I’m left in a state of confusion as to where to go to progress the game since, as mentioned in the “What I Like” section that the red and green indicators make the game easy and straightforward.


Attack on Titan 2 has two online modes. The first is co-op where players can take on story mode missions and random missions with other players around the world as a team. It’s humanity vs the Titans, as we expect it to be. The other online mode is called Annihilation Mode. It is a competitive mode where two teams of up to four humans basically race to defeat Titans. Whoever earns the most points defeating Titans within a specific time limit wins. In addition to the threat of getting killed by Titans, your human opponents can slow you down and put you in harms way, adding to the challenge! What I disliked was I didn’t see a way to play this with friends. If it’s there, it isn’t intuitive on the Nintendo Switch. Annihilation Mode would have been a blast to play with friends!


Attack on Titan 2 is another great title for Nintendo Switch owners. I was excited to play this game because I’m an Attack on Titan fan, but I do have to note I played this game in my downtime when I literally had nothing better to do. I didn’t ignore anything in my life (like a test or other pressing work) like I normally would to play a game because of crazy, out-of-control hype and determination. I very casually played Attack on Titan 2 in my free time and enjoyed it. The story mode from the anime/manga with a twist is enjoyable and the gameplay is fun. I think if I was in a rush to finish the game, as sometimes it may be the case when creating content on YouTube, I would be quite annoyed because logically, it is a repetitive experience. I recall having those feelings with the first Attack on Titan game. After all, the main objective is just to slay Titans. However, if you’re looking to pick-up a title to occupy yourself when bored in school, on a train, at work, or at home, I think Attack on Titan 2 on the Nintendo Switch is a great solution. The 20-25 hour story mode, with cutscenes, will surely entertain!