First Look at Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku in Anime Form Through Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Posted on February 25, 2018

The latest opening for the Japanese arcade game, Super Dragon Ball Heroes, was recently released and it gave us the first look at Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku in anime form! It’s very brief, but a nice tease of what Goku looks in his most powerful form ahead of next week’s Dragon Ball Super Episode 129. Like Dragon Ball Super, Goku is battling Jiren in the latest Super Dragon Ball Heroes opening.

In addition to Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren, there are brief scenes of other fights as well including Super Saiyan Blue Goku vs Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Future Trunks vs Goku and Vegeta on Beerus’ planet, and Future Trunks vs Fu from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Dragon Ball Heroes is a card-based arcade game that is only found in Japan. It launched on November 11, 2010 and allows players to use many characters from the Dragon Ball series, as well as characters created exclusively for the game. Take a look at the explanation of how to play in the video below so if you ever find yourself in Japan and come across a Dragon Ball Heroes arcade machine, you’ll know how to join in on the battle.