Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Free Update 6 Now Available, Videos of New Content

Players signing onto Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will notice their game has received free update 6 today! They are listed with detail when logging into the game for the first time after the update, but some of the free updates are as follows:

  • SSGSS Transformation for Saiyans available
  • Dual Ultimate Attacks – The player and their mentor can launch ultimate attacks as a duo
  • Limit Burst – Break limits to increase abilities such as stronger attacks, more stamina, or faster Ki regeneration
  • Flash Revive – Allies Can Be Instantly Revived During Battle By Sharing HP
  • Customize Partner – Master/Mentor characters can have their clothes and skills changed
  • New Hero Colosseum story sequences and Figurines Added

For those who want more detail on SSGSS transformation that isn’t the game, basically go to Master/Mentor Whis and speak up him when your custom created character is above level 90 and your friendship with him is at max level. Any race character can acquire the SSGSS transformation, but it can only be equipped and used by Saiyans. Once a Saiyan has SSGSS equipped, at least five bars of ki energy are required. In this form, regular attacks, all super attacks, and ultimate attacks do more damage. If a chargeable super attack is fully charged (like Galick Gun), then the player in SSGSS will teleport to the opponent’s location before it is fired, similar to what happens with all the other Super Saiyan forms. The side effect of SSGSS is ki drains faster, the rate at which ki is naturally regenerated is greatly reduced, and defense is lowered.

You can take a look at videos of some of the new contents for Free Update 6 below. The paid DLC Pack 6 (officially known as Extra Pack 2) is expected to launch on February 28, 2018.

Xenoverse 2 Update Notifications

Dual Ultimate Attacks

Limit Burst and SSGSS Transformation