Attack on Titan 2 All Playable Characters and New Gameplay

A new gameplay video for Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force’s Attack on Titan 2 video game shows the 37 playable character selection screen. 10 of the characters are returning from the first game while the rest are brand new to this sequel, which is heading to PS4, Nintendo Switch, Vita, and PC/Steam on March 15, 2018 in Japan and PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC/Steam in North America/Europe.

Titan forms for some of the characters such as Eren and Annie will also be playable, but only the character’s’ base form will be selectable from the character selection screen.

The playable characters are as follows:

  1. Eren Jaeger
  2. Mikasa Ackermann
  3. Armin Arlelt
  4. Reiner Braun
  5. Bertholdt Hoover
  6. Annie Leonhart
  7. Jean Kirschtein
  8. Conny Springer
  9. Sasha Braus
  10. Christa Lenz
  11. Ymir
  12. Marco Bodt
  13. Thomas Wagner
  14. Mina Carolina
  15. Daz
  16. Keith Sadies
  17. Levi
  18. Hange Zoë
  19. Erwin Smith
  20. Miche Zacharius
  21. Oruo Bozad
  22. Petra Rall
  23. Gunther Schultz
  24. Eld Gin
  25. Moblit
  26. Nanaba
  27. Gelgar
  28. Hannes
  29. Ian Dietrich
  30. Rico Brzenska
  31. Mitabi Jarnach
  32. Kitz Woermann
  33. Dot Pyxis
  34. Nile Dawk
  35. Marlo Freudenberg
  36. Hitch Dreyse
  37. Dhalis Zachary