Dragon Ball Super Ending 11 Revealed

Posted on January 6, 2018

Vegeta vs Jiren! The Prince of all Saiyans put his pride on the line once again as he challenged Universe 11’s Jiren to a battle. As we all know, Jiren defeated Goku at his most powerful – Ultra Instinct mode – so taking on Jiren is no easy feat! The episode, which was the 122nd in the series concluded and revealed Dragon Ball Super Ending 11. This is brand new ending called Lagrima by Japanese pop group OnePixcel.

The opening starts with the Super Saiyan Blue aura and then flashes Goku. Then the Super Saiyan Blue re-appears and we see a flash of Vegeta. Both their families show up after followed by a view of the Earth. Then a handful of what seem to be fighters shrouded in aura are flying up and their aura color seems to change as they arrive at the Tournament of Power stage. The camera then pans up showing the Universe 7 fighters, then the higher-ups of Universe 7 (Beerus, Whis, Elder Kai, and Supreme Kai) followed by the Universe 6 and Universe 11 warriors. At the end Goku is seen in Ultra Instinct mode and Vegeta as a Super Saiyan Blue with all of the warriors of participated in the Torunament of Power in the background.

The previous ending, Dragon Ball Super Ending 10, debuted at the conclusion of episode 109 when Goku fought Jiren. It is titled 70cm Shihou no Madoke and was by Japanese rock/pop group ROTTENGRAFFTY.