Dragon Ball Super: English Dub Officially Debuts Online Today

Posted on December 5, 2017

The Dragon Ball Super English dub, featuring the world famous voices of Sean Schemmel as Goku and Chris Sabat as Vegeta, will be making its way online officially starting sometime today on FUNimation Entertainment’s FUNimationNow streaming service.

The first 39 episodes will be uploaded and available initially, which would take viewers to the Universe 6 Saga where Goku is fighting Hit. Afterwards, English dub episodes will be released on the website in 13-episode batches two weeks after the final episode of that batch airs on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Toonami television block. Currently, Toonami is on episode 42 of the series, with episode 43 airing this up-coming Saturday, December 9. Take a look at the video and press releasing announcing the official Dragon Ball Super English dub debut online.

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 4, 2016. Building upon their more than 20-year association with the Dragon Ball franchise, Funimation® Entertainment and Toei Animation Inc. have expanded their partnership to include “Dragon Ball Super” – the first new storyline from original creator Akira Toriyama in more than 18 years. Encompassing streaming, digital download and home video distribution, their multi-year agreement will introduce “Dragon Ball Super” throughout the USA & Canada. In addition, the partnership also covers broadcast and merchandising opportunities for “Dragon Ball Super” as well. Fans can immediately begin watching current subtitled episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” (episodes 1 – 10 and 47 – 64) on FunimationNow followed by new simulcast episodes which will begin with episode 65 this Saturday, November 5, 2016 at 8:30 p.m. CT. Episodes 11 – 46 will be available on FunimationNow once subtitling has been completed. In conjunction with the agreement, production will begin on an English dub of the “Dragon Ball Super” series, with broadcast and casting details to follow.
“We are thrilled to continue our great partnership with Toei Animation’” said Gen Fukunaga, CEO and founder of Funimation. “Like with the recent blockbuster Dragon Ball Z movies, having original creator Akira Toriyama passionately involved in ‘Dragon Ball Super’ is so wonderful to see and for fans to experience.”

““We are delighted to introduce ‘Dragon Ball Super’ to a fantastic audience together with Funimation” said Masayuki Endo, President of Toei Animation Inc. “’Dragon Ball Super’ encompasses everything fans love about Dragon Ball, while taking the mythology to a whole new level. Toei’s team of talented animators and creators have put their passion and imagination into this series.”