Dragon Ball FighterZ: Opening Intro Movie

Posted on December 23, 2017

As today’s episode of Dragon Ball Super hit the airwaves in Japan, a commercial for Dragon Ball FighterZ ran. This wasn’t just any commercial, however, it was the opening intro movie for Bandai Namco Entertainment and Arc System Works’ Dragon Ball FighterZ! It briefly highlights the 22 confirmed playable characters – Hit, Goku Black, Adult Gohan, Kid Buu, Gotenks, Goku, Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Vegeta, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, Android 16, Android 18, Captain Ginyu, Cell, Future Trunks, Frieza, Teen Gohan, Majin Buu, Krillin, Nappa, Piccolo, Tien, and Yamcha. There are also a few miscellaneous scenes from story mode. The opening shows Android 21, who at this point has only been shown as a story character thus far, although she may be playable once the game releases.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 3-vs-3 team battle fighting game in development by Arc System Works, the same developer as the acclaimed Guilty Gear fighting game franchise. Dragon Ball FighterZ delivers an explosive, action-packed game that combines classic 2D fighting with advanced 3D character models that look and feel as if they are straight out of the Dragon Ball series. It will will incorporate ultra high-speed battles and various flashy moves, including Goku’s iconic Kamehameha. Dragon Ball FighterZ will be published by Bandai Namco Entertainment on January 26, 2018 in North America and Europe and on February 1, 2018 in Japan.