One Piece: New Details For Project Dawn, Bounty Rush An iOS / Android Game

Remember the trademark for One Piece: Bounty Rush from earlier in the week? We wondered if it was a console game or a mobile game. Well, Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump reveals the answer! It is a belly capture four-vs-four team battle game for iOS and Android devices. Belly is the name of the currency used in One Piece. In other words, the objective of the game is to get the most money. A release date for One Piece: Bounty Rush has not yet been revealed.

One Piece: Bounty Rush

There is another One Piece game also coming out in the future. It’s one that escaped our minds because of how little information there was, but it is said to be an unprecedented One Piece game. Code named “Project Dawn”, this is a title being collaboratively developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, One Piece anime studio Toei Animation, and One Piece manga publisher Shuiesha. One Piece author, Eiichiro Oda, is also contributing on the development on “Dawn”. Jump mentions planning and conception of “Dawn” has taken quite some time as it is an unprecedented One Piece game that has never been done before. It will give players a new, unheard of super feeling. “Dawn” will be an enormous One Piece video game with the setting and music straight from the anime series. The platform(s) “Dawn” will be on has not yet been announced.

The first visual related to the game is of the Holy Land of Mariejois under destruction, with a shadow of an anonymous figure in front of it. Mariejois is home to the Celestial Dragons and capital of the World Government and an incident has occurred there, causing an outbreak and shaking the influential powers of the One Piece world. Nothing else has been revealed, except more more details will be revealed in the December 11 issue of Jump magazine.

One Piece Project Dawn