Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Free Hero Colosseum Mode Now Available

A new update is now live for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! It is version 1.08 of the game, which includes the new and free Hero Colosseum Mode that pits players against the CPU and other players in a Dragon Ball Heroes-like scenario where character figures go at it in battles of strategy! You can take a look at the first 20 minutes of Hero Colosseum Mode below.

This latest update to Xenoverse 2 is over 2 GB large (at least on PlayStation 4). Here are the other updates that come with version 1.08 of the game.

  • Implemented the Hero Colosseum
  • Added data for “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Extra Pack 1″
  • Implemented new trophies
  • Implemented option to change Parallel Quest BGM
  • Implemented system to purchase TP medal
  • Adjusted TP medal opening hours. They are now open every day
  • Set point owned at the start of ranked match “Unlimited Battle” to 1,000
  • Added NPC “Amy” who will grant players costumes
  • Added types of quests where you can earn TP medals
  • Implementation of one Raid Quest
  • Implementation of one Expert Mission
  • Expanded online World Tournament events
  • Rebalanced battle mechanics
  • Made other improvements / adjustments