CyberConnect2 Looks Back at the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Series

October 23, 2003 was the start of something new. A project by publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment and developer CyberConnect2 to originally bring the franchise based on an orange-clad knucklehead ninja to Sony PlayStation video game consoles. The line-up of games which includes the thunderous STORM, the ULTIMATE NINJA series! Dressed as Sai is a man named Furutani from Bandai Namco Entertainment and he is joined by Director at CyberConnect 2 Hiroshi Matsuyama (dressed as Sage Naruto for part of the video), Storm 1/2/3 producer Yusuke Sasaki (in the Akatsuki robe), Storm 4/Road to Boruto producer Miho Nakagawa (dressed as Boruto), Ultimate Ninja Heroes Project Leader Takayuki Isobe, Ultimate Ninja Project Leader Yohei Ishibashi, and STORM Project Leader Yuki Nishikawa. Take a look at their insights on the birth of the Ultimate Ninja series. From the very first Ultimate Ninja game to the most recent releases of Road to Boruto and Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy!