Dragon Ball Super: Goku’s New Form Stronger Than x20 Kaioken, New Ending

Posted on September 12, 2017

On October 8, our hero Son Goku will take on Universe 11’s Jiren in a epic two-episode special! Goku uses the power of x20 Kaioken against Jiren, according to Shuiesha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, but Goku is still no match. It’s unclear if Goku is using Super Saiyan Blue x20, the most we’ve seen him use is Super Saiyan Blue x10 Kaioken thus far, but we presume x20 is in Super Saiyan Blue as well. Anyways, with x20 Kaioken unsuccessful against Jiren, Goku fires his ace in the hole technique! What is this ability?! Goku will be using a Spirit Bomb in episode 109, but is this the ace in the hole technique?! We’ll have to find out on an all-new episode of Dragon Ball Super!

Along with the two-episode special will come a brand new ending. It will be titled “By A 70cm Square Window” and it will be by Japanese rock/pop group RottenGraffty. This will be the tenth ending for Dragon Ball Super since the series made its debut back in July of 2015.