Naruto to Boruto: Ninja Voltage Announced

Posted on August 17, 2017

Bandai Namco Entertainment has a new Naruto game coming out later this year, 2017, in Japan – Naruto to Boruto: Ninja Voltage.

The game has been announced in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which lists Naruto to Boruto: Ninja Voltage as a free-to-play, fortress action ninja battle game for Android and iOS devices with micro-transactions. In it, players will construct a fort and have ninja battles against people across Japan. Players can surprise enemies, protect allies, and defend their fort by placing traps in the game. The magazine, a scan of which can be seen below, is touts Ninja Voltage will have super high-quality character illustrations. Images of Naruto and Hinata are shown.

A website to pre-register for the Japanese version of Naruto to Boruto: Ninja Voltage will soon be available. Those who pre-register will be able to play as Boruto in the game.

In addition to Boruto, based on the screenshots in the scan, it seems like Pain, Itachi, Kisame, Deidara, Hidan, and the Shippuden versions of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi are confirmed characters thus far in Naruto to Boruto: Ninja Voltage.

While a North American or European release date has not yet been announced at this time, it is expected the game will make West. If you recall from last month, Bandai Namco Europe trademarked “Ninja Voltage”. Well, this is that very game! This game will be titled Naruto to Boruto: Borutage in Japan, similar to how the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm series was titled “Naruto: Narutimate Storm”.

As more information for Naruto to Boruto: Ninja Voltage is announced, we hope to let you know right here on Anime Games Online!