Dragon Ball Super: Two New Universe 6 Fighters Revealed, 78 Warriors Known

Posted on August 4, 2017

In Dragon Ball Super, Universe 6 was the first new universe introduced into the series aside from Universe 7 where Goku and company reside. In Dragon Ball Super, we’ve seen thus far eight of the ten warriors for Universe 6 – Botamo, Magetta, Frost, Hit, Caulifla, Kale, Dr. Rota, and Cabba. Who are the other two? They are Namekians named Saonel and Pirina. It’s unknown what powers these two possess, only their name and a small photo of them was released in Shuiseha’s Saikyo Jump Magazine. Including these two Namekians, we know a total of 78 warriors in the Tournament of Power. We may not know all of their abilities, but we do know their names. Take a look at them below by universe.

It’s worth noting these names are translations from Shuiseha’s Saikyo Jump without any context so there is a possibility these names may differ once they are shown in the Dragon Ball Super anime/manga.

Via Anime Games Online, Herms98