Microsoft Month of Anime Features Discounts on Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, More

Microsoft Month of Anime Features Dragon Ball Z

Microsoft is celebrating anime in this great month of July with anime movies up to 40% off, anime TV series up to 54% off, anime games up to 70% off, and some anime freebies!

On the TV front, fans can purchase complete seasons of Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Attack on Titan, and more than 70 other series at deep discounts. According to this page on the Microsoft Store, Season 1 of Dragon Ball Z and Fairy Tail can actually be downloaded for free! The other seasons of both series are $12.99 each.

On the movie front, fans can purchase from over 40 different movies including Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the live action Attack on Titan Movie, Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie, and The Last: Naruto the Movie.

In terms of anime games, One Piece: Burning Blood is on sale for $18 (the regular price is $59.99). There are games from other franchises such as The Legend of Korra, BlazBlue, and Lies of Astaroth on sale as well. You can check the full list of anime games on sale at

The full list of anime movies and TV shows can be found at

Those fans who spend $40 (pre-tax) on anime games, anime movies, or anime TV shows will earn 4,000 reward credits. Basically, the reward credits can be redeemed for money that can be used to get free or discounted games. You can learn more about rewards at

As far as we know, all content is digital download and the sales and promotions last until July 31, 2017. Of course, check the Microsoft Store for the latest updates and details on pricing.

FUNimation’s Justin Rojas (‎Director of Social Strategy & Development) and Lauren Moore (Social Content Producer) are leading the way in Microsoft’s Month of Anime with fantastic overviews of both Dragon Ball and Fairy Tail. You can take a look at them below. Just as a heads up, from what we’ve heard our visitors say here on Anime Games Online before, videos by FUNimation can only be watched in North America.