Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Reaches 200 Million Downloads Worldwide

Posted on July 31, 2017

Congratulations to Bandai Namco Entertainment as their mobile action RPG, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, has reached the 200 million downloads milestone! They are celebrating this great achievement with a series of in-game events and special reward items. Fans and new players of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle can enjoy upcoming features and in-game events including:

  • Log-in Bonus – Players will receive rarity level SSR Bulma (Youth) for a log-in bonus until August 31st, PST
  • Daily Missions – Players can earn up to a maximum of 20 Dragon Stones a day through Daily Missions from a worldwide pool of 200 million Dragon Stones until none remain.
  • Summon Characters – Nearly all of the previous Dokkan festival exclusive characters will make an appearance. Exclusive characters will be available for summoning until August 31st, PST.
  • Fun Rewards – Players will receive one ”200 Million Download Commemoration Summon Ticket” as a present for every 50 Dragon Stones they used between March 26th, 2017 and July 22th, 2017.

Bandai namco Entertainment kicked-off the “Worldwide Campaign! Epic Celebration!” campaign worldwide a few days ago and also are running the the “200M Global DLs Reached Dokkan Festival! ” featuring past released Dokkan Festival-exclusive characters. The up-coming “Dual Dokkan Festival”” will feature all new characters, and more. For more information, visit the campaign page at https://200million-dbz-dokkan.bn-ent.net/en

Toshitaka Tachibana, the producer for the global version of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle said: “Thanks to all of our fans, not only have we got to celebrate 2 years since release, but now also 200 million downloads worldwide! Thank you all so very much. The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle event we had the pleasure of holding in the US in July also saw great attendance, and gave us a chance to really get another good look at how devoted and excited the fans of Dragon Ball and this title are. To make sure those sparks of fandom never go out, we have plans for all sorts of events and campaigns to be enjoyed in all versions of the game around the world. I hope you are all looking forward to them.”

Kensho Monden, the producer for the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle had the following to say: “I am immensely grateful for our players across the globe who have helped us reach 200 million downloads worldwide. We are going to be rolling out things for our 200 million DL campaign that will be great not only for players who are still hooked on the game, but also for those who have perhaps let the game fall aside for some time to get the chance to come back and enjoy themselves. This summer is going to be HOT! Looking forward past this summer too, we are going to keep developing the game so that Dragon Ball fans around the world can have even more fun playing Dokkan Battle! We will have more to announce in the future so please stay tuned!”

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a popular mobile game that was released in 2015 and reached 100 million downloads in November 2016. It has since then been released in a further 9 additional countries, for a current total of around 50 countries worldwide. It is renowned for its speedy battles and effects that call to mind the world of Dragon Ball. Beloved by players around the world, the title has reached number 1 in sales rankings in 16 countries and regions as of July 2017. We have shown off the game at various events overseas, and even held the game’s first stand-alone event in the US this July. Bringing in tons of fans for this large-scale event, we have shown the world that things will only pick up from here.