Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 Spoilers

Posted on July 12, 2017

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 Spoilers ahead!

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Triple digits! On July 23, the Dragon Ball Super anime hits a huge milestone – one-hundred episodes! The series made its debut on July 5, 2015 and has taken fans though many adventures. From a battle of gods, to a duel with a familiar foe in Frieza, traveling to and from the future with Trunks, and now teaming up with Frieza in an inter-universe brawl!

In Dragon Ball Super episode 100 (Rampage! The Berserker Awakens!!), the Tournament of Power is thrown into chaos as something strange is going on with one of Universe 6’s female Saiyans – Kale. She goes into the Berserker Super Saiyan, which is the same as Dragon Ball Z movie villain Broly where the person practically is crazy while being insanely powerful.

Elsewhere in the tournament, Universe 7’s Krillin is disqualified. Goku and company are now down to nine warriors. Universe 6’s Caulifla is witnessing the power of Super Saiyan Blue Goku firsthand. Moved by its power she asks her enemy, Goku, to teach her to transform. With his universe and the life of his friends on the line, will our hero Goku help an enemy? We’ll have to watch Dragon Ball Super to find out!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super is streamed officially every week their is an episode in Japan on Daisuki, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab. The next episode, 99 (Show it Off! Krillin’s Reserves of Strength), is slated to be streamed on July 16, 2017 (when going by Japanese time). Since North America is a hours behind Japan, it will be available to stream technically at night on July 8, 2017.

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