Dragon Ball Super Ending 9 Makes Its Debut

Posted on July 1, 2017

The month of July 2017 has begin and it kicks off with the start of the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super with episode 97 along with a brand new ending theme! Dragon Ball Super Ending 9 makes its debut with the song “Haruka” (“Far Away”) by Japanese rock band LACCO TOWER.

Dragon Ball Super Ending 9 starts with showing the Tournament of Power stage and Goku standing followed by the warriors from the different universes. The scene then changes to the four star Dragon Ball with Goten/Chichi and Gohan/Pan/Videl in it. The Dragon Ball transitions to Goku’s eye and of him in a fighting stance. Gohan and the other Universe 7 warriors (including Frieza) then appear in-front of a sunset and Goku/Gohan charge toward us, the viewers.

To Dragon Ball Super fans, LACCO TOWER is no stranger as their song “Usubeni” or “Light Pink” was the third ending theme (episodes 26 to 38) for the series.