Dragon Ball Super: Anime Recycling Animation in Universe Survival Saga

Posted on July 2, 2017

Twenty episodes and five months later, the Tournament of Power has finally began! We started the Universe Survival Saga back on February 5, 2017 with Dragon Ball Super episode 77. Since then we’ve had exhibition matches featuring Universe 7 vs Universe 9 along with the warriors of our Universe 7 preparing for the Tournament of Power by sparring with one another. There has been a lot of exciting fighting to the delight of fans. With yesterday’s episode 97 and next week’s Dragon Ball Super episode 98 preview, fans may have noticed something – the anime recycling animation!

Of course, to the average Dragon Ball Super fan, it may not be noticeable, but to the die-hard Dragon Ball fans, nothing can escape their keen eye! One such fan is Twitter user AnimeAjay who has thoughtfully put together a comparison showing footage from episodes earlier in Dragon Ball Super vs those from Dragon Ball Super 97 and episode 98’s new episode preview (NEP).

We should point out recycling animation is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s actually beneficial for animation studios. It’s a technique used to keep quality constant while lowering the time and budget required in creating an episode.

In the video below we can see the anime recycling animation of Basil the Kicker, Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan, Android 17, Goku, Bergamo the Crusher, Venomous Lavender, Frieza, Universe 9 Supreme Kai Roh. Some of the ki blast colors and backgrounds might be different, but the key thing to notice is the animations of the characters themselves. Keep in mind these are just a few examples of recycling animation, we’re sure there may certainly be other examples as well!

For those that want to see the next episode preview (NEP) of Dragon Ball Super 98 (“Oh, Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs!!”), take a look below!