Naruto Storm Trilogy – New Commercial with Boruto Characters, Limited Edition Poster Book

A new commercial for Bandai Namco Entertainment and CyberConnect2’s Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy has been released. It features Boruto, Shikadai, Lee, and Inojin playing video games with Boruto promoting Naruto Storm Trilogy through a voice over. The scenes with the Boruto characters playing a game is from an actual episode of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime. Interestingly enough, the Boruto characters are playing on handhelds, however, Storm Trilogy will only be on console platforms. A Nintendo Switch version has not been announced and at this point in time is not expected. No indication has been made from Bandai Namco on a Nintendo Switch version, although one could say this commercial could be foreshadowing something.

The commercial mentions players who purchase first copies of the retail version of Naruto Storm Trilogy in Japan will get a limited edition foldable poster book, measuring 148mm x 868mm in size (around 5.8 x 34.2 inches). It features a few panels – the Naruto Storm Trilogy logo, young Naruto and young Sasuke to represent Storm 1, Sage Naruto and Akatsuki members to represent Storm 2, and Kurama Mode Naruto, Kushina, and the Nine Tails to represent Storm 3, a spread of characters from Naruto Storm 1, a Shippuden version of Naruto, and Naruto on a toad.

Naruto Storm Trilogy - New Commercial with Boruto Characters, Limited Edition Poster Book

Naruto Storm Trilogy will be a three past games in one package – Storm 1, Storm 2, and Storm 3 Full Burst. The commercial specifically mentions the PS4 version since that is the only version announced for Japan. Trilogy will be a digital-only release in North America/Europe and physical in Japan.

North America/Europe will also have the option to purchase Storm Legacy, which will be four of the past Naruto games in one – Storm 1, Storm 2, Storm 3 Full Burst, and Storm 4: Road to Boruto. Storm Legacy will be available digitally and as a physical retail copy in North America/Europe. It will not be available in Japan. The first three numbered Storm games were on the previous generation of consoles. With visuals up-scaled to 1080p, fans will also have the option of digitally purchasing Storm 1, Storm 2, and Storm 3: Full Burst separately on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.