Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 Spoilers

Posted on June 8, 2017

The June schedule for Dragon Ball Super was just released the other day. We’ve seen the preview for the up-coming episode 94 (Resurrection of the Evil Emperor! The Mysterious Awaiting assassins?!) – which airs on June 11, 2017 – at the end of last week’s episode 93. Now it is time to dive deeper with news and spoilers for the episode of Dragon Ball Super in two weeks – Episode 95 (The Wickedest! The Evilest! Frieza Runs Wild!!)

Frieza runs violently over assassins from Universe 9! Universe 9’s God of Destruction Sidra and Supreme Kai Rou, whom Sidra annoyingly provoked, into sending out assassins launch a surprise attack on Goku and company! As Frieza rampages, Goku…?! Goku has come to recruit Frieza as the tenth member for the Tournament of Power, but enemies from Universe 9 set an ambush for the two of them. Faced with an army of assassins, Frieza turns into Golden Frieza and throws his weight around, but?!

Omni-Kings This Week: The Tournament of Power arena is finished! Meanwhile, in the World of Void, the site of the Tournament of Power, the fighting arena is finally completed! The present and future Omni-Kings are overjoyed at its quality!!

Via Herms98