Dragon Ball Super 94 Spoilers, Super Saiyan Kale & Caulifla Character Designs

Posted on June 1, 2017

Dragon Ball Super 94 – Resurrection of the Evil Emperor! The Mysterious Awaiting Assassins?! – airs on June 11. In the episode, the universe 7 members make final arrangements before the Tournament of Power. Goku entrusts Goten and Trunks to look after things on Android 17’s island while he is away in the tournament. Goku’s friends strongly object to the evil emperor joining the fight, but, Goku heads to the afterlife to see Frieza anyways!

Meanwhile, Universe 9’s God of Destruction, Sidra, holds a grudge against Universe 7. Hearing that Frieza will become a team member, he plots to ensure an easy victory by defeating Frieza before he can join! Can Goku safely recruit Frieza or will Sidra or even Frieza himself foil Goku’s plan?! We’ll have to find out in Dragon Ball Super!

Dragon Ball Super 94 Spoilers

Also released are character designs of Super Saiyan Kale and Super Saiyan Caulifla!

Caulifla is the younger sister of Renso, captain of the Sadal Defense Squad. She hides dormant power that surprasses her brother! Super Saiyan Caulifla, this transformaton turns her hair gold, eyes blue/green, and makes her look cooler and more imposing!

Super Saiyan Kale

Kale, she looks like that one Legendary Saiyan?! Like Caulifla, don’t take your eyes off this female saiyan! She is the same dark-skinned beauty that appears in the opening for Dragon Ball Super.

Super Saiyan Caulifla

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