Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Spoilers, Enemy of Past Returns

Posted on May 25, 2017

An enemy of Dragon Ball past returns in Dragon Ball Super episode 93. We’ve seen him many times over and just when we think we’ve heard the last of him, he somehow makes his way back into the Dragon Ball world. First defeated by Super Saiyan Goku, then sliced in half by Super Saiyan Trunks in Dragon Ball Z, and most recently killed by Super Saiyan Blue Goku in Dragon Ball Super – Frieza returns once more! This time it’s not on the accord of evil, but of good, as Goku seeks Frieza out to help Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power!

Airing on June 4, the episode is titled “You’re the Tenth Warrior! Goku Visits Frieza”. The summary, shown in the scan below, is as follows:

Unable to awaken Buu, Goku selects his archenemy Frieza as Buu’s replacement. How will Frieza respond to Goku’s unexpected invitation.
Universe 6 This Week: Kale’s true power unleashed! Counting on Kale’s hidden potential, Cauliflia trainers her to become Super Saiyan! As a result, she uncovers power that terrifies even her universe 6 comrades!!”

Dragon Ball Super episode 92 is expected to air this week, May 28. The episode is titled “Emergency Development! The Incomplete Ten Members”

Source: Herms98