Dragon Ball Super Episode 87: Goku and 17 Team Up

Posted on April 13, 2017

In Dragon Ball Super episode 86, Goku will take on Android 17. In Dragon Ball Super Episode 87, the two will team up to battle against a trio of evildoers. The episode is titled “Hunt the Poachers! Goku and Android 17’s Joint Battle!!” and will air in Japan on April 23. The latest scan from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine previewing the episode is as follows:

Goku and Android 17 clash with galatic poachers! Goku tries to recruit Androud 17 to enter the Tournament of Power, but gets turned down. Meanwhile, the animals on the island where 17 lives are captured by galactic poachers. Rescue the animals! Goku and 17 fight side-by-side! In order to rescue the animals captured by the galactic poachers, Goku teams up with 17!

Galactic poachers are a gang of theives who capture and sell animals. They travel planet to planet in their spaceship poaching.

17 this week: fulfulling his duties as an animal ranger. 17 works as an animal ranger on a large island. With his prided battle power, he has the galactic poacher boss on the ropes, but…?!

Source: Herms98