Dragon Ball Super: Universe 11, Universe 9 God of Destruction and Angel Revealed

Posted on February 10, 2017

The official website for Dragon Ball Super has posted brief profiles for characters from Universe 9 and Universe 11 of Dragon Ball Super. We’ve seen all of these characters through trailers or past scans before, but now we know a little more about them. There are also a few characters we at Anime Games Online were able to infer are a God of Destruction or Angel, we’ve listed them below as well and indicated there “profile is currently not available”.

Universe 9 Supreme Kai: Rou

The Supreme Kai of Universe 9. Tends to make fun of the other universes a bit.

Universe 9 God of Destruction: Sidra

The God of Destruction of Universe 9. Is indecisive and hardly able to destroy anything.Sidra’s name (shi – do – ra) likely comes from the Spanish “sidra” referring to an alcoholic cider (fitting with previous God of Destruction puns on beer and champagne). Mamiya previously played a chef in the first episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Universe 9 Warrior: Kicker Basil

Also known as “Kicker Basil”, he’s the youngest brother of a group in Universe 9 known as the Trio the Dangers. A fast and agile warrior who specializes in footwork. He battles with Majin Buu in round 1 of the Universe Survival Arc’s Tournament of Power.

Universe 9 Warrior: Bergamo

Also known as “Poison Bergamo”; the middle brother of Trio the Dangers. A warrior who freely manipulates poison. He always uses poison, and never wins fair-and-square. He battles with Son Goku in round 1 of the Universe Survival Arc’s Tournament of Power. His name is likely a pun on the word “bergamot” (berugamotto in Japanese), a type of orange used to flavor tea, with the character’s name leaving off the final hard-“t” sound.

Universe 11 Supreme Kai: Kai

The Supreme Kai of Universe 11. A gentle Supreme Kai with a strong sense of justice who values life.

Universe 11 God of Destruction

Profile currently not available.

Universe 11 Angel

Profile currently not available.

Source: Kanzenshuu