Dragon Ball Super: New Universe Angels Revealed, Universe 7 Team Screenshot

Posted on February 4, 2017

Episode 77, the first episode of the new Universe Survival Arc of Dragon Ball Super, is less than half a day away from its release in Japan and in North America through official streaming.

A new screenshot shows new universe Angels, along with the ones we know (Whis and Vados) and have seen before. Universe 7 God of Destruction Beerus and Universe 6 God of Destruction Champa along with some of the Supreme Kai’s are also shown.

Universe Angels and Beerus

Along with that is a new screenshot of the Universe 7 team, lead by our beloved Son Goku and Vegeta! The universe Angels and Universe 7 team screenshot are from Dragon Ball Super opening 2, “Limit Break x Survivor” by Japanese artist Hikawa Kiyoshi.

Universe 7 Team

Below is a preview of the new opening: