Dragon Ball Super: Match-Ups, Names of Three Universe 9 Warriors Revealed

Posted on February 9, 2017

The latest Dragon Ball Super scan from Shuiesha’s Weekly Shonen Jump previews Dragon ball Super episode 79 and reveals names of three warriors from Universe 9. Those three, pictured below, are Basil (the red wolf with a cape), Lavenda (the slouching wolf with suspenders), and Bergamo (the tall wolf with scarf).

The scan reveals three match-ups that will occur in round 1 of the tournament, which will be known as the Tournament of Power. Majin Buu will be battling Basil in round one as the title of episode 79 is “Universe 9’s Kicker Basil vs Universe 7’s Majin Buu”. Our hero, Son Goku, will be battling Bergamo in round one. A very brief look at their battle is shown in the preview video below. Lavenda will be fighting the son of our hero, Gohan.

The meanings of the names are as follows:

Basil / Bajiru
This is flat-out how the herb “basil” is written in Japanese, without any sort of manipulation. Still, expect lots of Kyabe-esque fun as dumb people insist on pointlessly calling him “Bajiru” or “Bajil”
Lavenda / Rabenda
A pun on, another culinary herb. Note that the final vowel is shortened, changing it from an “er” sound to a simple “a” sound. This is, you may recall, the exact same sort of difference between “freezer” and the name of that short guy who used to boss Vegeta around.
Bergamo /Berugamo
A pun on bergamot (in Japanese ベルガモット/berugamotto), a type of orange used to flavor tea and whatnot. Note how the character’s name removes the “t” sound at the end.

Dragon Ball Super episode 79 will air in Japan on February 19. Along with the episode title, the scan below reads the following

A match attended by the Omni-King is being held as a preliminary to the “Tournament of Power”. That battle is finally kicking off! The first representative of Universe 7 fighting is Majin Buu! But Universe 9’s fighter Basil is a pretty tough foe too…?!
A battle with their homeland at stake! Universe 7 VS Universe 9. The Omni-Present Match finally starts!! The contestants for Universe 7 are Goku, Gohan, and Buu. The losing universe will be wiped out?! Their opponents are the fighters of Universe 9, “Trio the Dangers”: Basil, Lavenda, and Bergamo.
Omni-King This Week: deeply interested in Buu’s battle! The two Omni-Kings (present and future) watch over the outcome of the battle from the spectator seats. Omni-King leans out of his seat as he watches Buu laugh despite being at a disadvantage!

Source: Herms98, YonkouProd