Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 Preview: The Gods of Each Universe Are Aghast

Posted on February 3, 2017

Dragon Ball Super episode 77, the first episode of the new Universe Survival Arc, hasn’t even aired yet, but we already have a preview of episode 78 thanks to Twitter user Herms98.

Dragon Ball Super episode 77 airs on February 5, while episode 78 airs on February 12. Take a look at the preview scan and English translation below.

Dragon Ball Super episode 78 is titled “The Gods of Each Universe Are Aghast?! You’ll be Obliterated if you Lose at ‘The Tournament of Power”
Starting up a match with the Omni-King in attendance! Goku’s allies are…?! Goku looks for two allies for the match against Universe 9 that the Omni-King will be watching. First he scouts out Gohan, who’s now a scholar, but Gohan’s hesitant to agree?!
Omni-King This Week: obliterating the losing universes?! The “Tournament of Power” has a fearsome rule: when a universe loses, it is obliterated without a trace by the Omni-King’s power! How does Goku react to this shocking situation!?” reads the summary from Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine.