Dragon Ball Super: Former Villains Evil Vegeta, Frieza, Buu Make Comeback

Posted on January 20, 2017

In Dragon Ball Super episode 76, which will air on January 29 in Japan (January 28 in the US), former villains make a comeback! From Piccolo and Vegeta from when they were evil to Frieza and Kid Buu! Of course they aren’t the real deal, but instead illusions that trick Goku and Krillin. This episode essentially serves as a filler before the next exciting arc of Dragon Ball Super begins. Take a look at the the episode summary below for the episode titled “Beat the Fearsome Foes! Krillin’s Fighting Spirit Returns”.

Former enemies await Goku and Krillin! Goku has gone with Krillin to train again under Master Roshi. The two of them are ordered to search for a medicine called “Paradise Grass”, and head for a frightful forest! There they end up fighting against illusions of the likes of Frieza and Majin Buu that suddenly appear…?!
The fearful forest test! What are these fearsome foes that they meet…?! Illusions of rivals suddenly appear?! Frieza, Buu, Piccolo, and even Vegeta attack them!
Faced with these powerful enemies, Goku is thrilled while Krillin is scared?!
Krillin this week: in the face of battle, he loses the will to fight?! Krillinis gripped with fear at the prospect of fighting against his previously defeated rivals. Once he clears out these thoughts, the very next moment a change occurs in his enemies…!”

Source: Herms98