Dragon Ball Super: Universe Survival Arc Trailer, New Opening in February

Posted on December 16, 2016

The 2017 Jump Festa is currently taking place in the great land of Japan. There the Universe Survival Arc Trailer made its debut, very briefly showing what we believe to be the Gods of Destruction from the 12 universe. In the new arc, the Omni King has brought together the elites of all 12 universes in the Dragon Ball world in which warriors will participate in a team battle format. The trailer is mostly black-and-white, manga-style. Take a look at it below.

Also announced at Jump Festa is a new opening for Dragon Ball Super! This will be the second one overall, titled “Limit-Break x Survivor” and performed by Japanese singer Kiyoshi Hikawa. It will kick off the new arc, which debuts on February 5, 2017. Chozetsu ☆ Dynamic, performed by Japanese singer Kazuya Yoshii, has been the first and only opening since the series began back in July 2015.