Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 Preview: Goku Gets a New Job, Arale Returns

Posted on November 22, 2016

Toei Animation has announced Arale Norimaki, the main protaganist of Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama’s Dr. Slump manga, returns in the Dragon Ball series. She will appear in Dragon Ball Super episode 69 (Goku vs. Arale! A Nonsense Battle Will End the World?!), which airs December 4 in Japan and will begin officially streaming in the evening on December 3 in the US. Arale previously made a cameo in episode 43 back in May, but this time she will be key to the story’s plot.

The Dragon Ball Super episode 69 will focus on an event called the “World Invention Award,” which honors the best innovations in the world. The greatest scientists, including Bulma, gather for the ceremony. Hercule will be presenting an award to Senbei Norimaki (who invented Arale), while our hero Goku gets a new job as a part-time as a security guard. As Norimaki is presenting his invention, Dr. Mashirito, a reoccuring antagonist in Dr. Slump, attacks. Frustrated that he was not invited to the ceremony, he interrupts the proceedings, and for some reason Arale and twin angels named Gatchan (also from Dr. Slump) are at his side.

Source: Toei Animation via AnimeNewsNetwork