Naruto Shippuden: October 2016 Schedule

Posted on October 5, 2016

Warning: Naruto Shippuden anime spoilers ahead

It’s over! Naruto vs Sasuke, in September 2016, the battle of the two rivals came to a close. Now, in October 2016, it’s the aftermath. We originally predicted episode 478 will cover chapter 698-699 of the manga. And based on the title and the one-lined preview description for episode 479, we thoughts fans will get to see the final chapter of the Naruto manga – 700. However, the preview for episode 479 shows something completely different!

As you may already know, the anime will eventually shift focus to life after manga chapter 699 and cover what’s in the official Naruto book series later this year. And as we reported before, episode 480 will kick off with a new opening and ending. Naruto Shippuden Opening 20 will be titled “Empty Heart” and it will be performed by Japanese singer/songwriter Anly. Naruto Shippuden Ending 39 will be titled “Departure Song” and performed by the Japanese idol group Ayumikurikamaki.

Take a look at the October 2016 schedule for Naruto Shippuden below!

  • October 06, 2016
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 478 – The Unison Sign
  • October 13, 2016
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 479 – Naruto Uzumaki!!
    What way did Naruto, who became a hero that saved the world, walk? And the fate of the ninja world is…
  • October 20, 2016
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 480 – NARUTO.HINATA
    Loathed by the people of the village, a certain person appeared before a lonely, training Naruto.
  • October 27, 2016
    (currently unknown if there will be an episode on this date)

Note: The dates above are all actual, but the titles are translations and may change once they are officially released by Viz Media.

Thanks Karlo Bahnik, Marshall Law!