Dragon Ball Super: Series to Begin Airing in Europe Soon

Posted on October 10, 2016

The European branch of Toei Animation, the anime studio behind Dragon Ball Super, has announced the series will begin airing in Europe soon. They specifically mention between Fall 2016 (which has already begun) and Winter 2017, Dragon Ball Super will air in France on Toonami, in Italy on the television station Italia 1 and Italia 2, in Spain on Boing, and in English-speaking Africa on Cartoon Network. Dragon Ball Super has already started airing in Israel back in September on Nickelodeon and in Portugal on SIC.

Dragon Ball Super made its debut in Japan on Fuji TV back in July of 2015. No word on when Dragon Ball Super will air in North America with the world famous English-dub.

Take a look at a commercial for Dragon Ball Super in Israel along with the opening and first three endings. Dragon Ball Super airs in Hebrew in Israel. The music for the openings/ends is the same as the Japanese version, but the lyrics for that are also in Hebrew.