Dragon Ball Super: Interesting Fan-Made Ending Featuring Goku Black, English Lyrics

Posted on October 7, 2016

Dragon Ball Super Ending 3 made its debut at the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super episode 26 back in January of this year. It is titled “Usubeni” (Light Pink) / “Burning Petals” and is by Japanese band LACCO TOWER. It featured our hero Goku and the people in his life.

YouTube user FBurning Eutanasio Fuenteardiente recently created and shared an interesting fan-made version of the ending. The lyrics are in English and it features Goku Black as if he was the hero of Dragon Ball Super with the people in his life. Of course, the only ally shown for Goku Black is Zamasu, while everyone else in his life faces destruction. A complete opposite to the original, flowery ending video for the Goku we know and love! Take a look at both the fan-made version featuring Goku Black and the original Dragon Ball Super ending 3 below.