Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 Preview: Goku’s Next Move Against Zamasu/Black

Posted on October 6, 2016

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Spoilers Ahead

Shuiesha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine (scan below) has a preview for Dragon Ball Super episode 62 – “I Will Protect the Future! Trunks’ Super Power of Rage Explodes!!”. The episode airs in two weeks, on October 16. The scan gives a summary which reveals Goku’s next move against Zamasu & Black. The scan states the following:

He’ll protect his own era! Trunks gets furious!! Goku and company have a tough fight against Zamasu and Black. Future Trunks sends Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma back to the past and faces off against Black on his own!

Goku will be going to the Turtle Hermit to learn the Mafuba! Trunks entrusts Goku with finding a way of defeating Zamasu and company. After returning to the past, Goku asks the Turtle Hermit to teach him the Mafuba, but…?!

For those wondering what the “Mafuba” its the Demon Seal or Evil Containment Wave that Master Roshi, Master Mutaito, and Tien use against Piccolo in the original Dragon Ball. It’s a technique designed to seal demons away by sucking them into a container with a special Demon Seal on it. The technique has a side-effect: much of the user’s life force to perform the technique is drained so those who use it, regardless of if its successful, have a strong chance of dying.

Thanks Herms98