Bandai Namco Supporting Nintendo Switch! Naruto, Dragon Ball on the Way?

Posted on October 20, 2016

Today, Nintendo officially announced their brand new gaming system – Nintendo Switch. This will be a combination of a home console and handheld combined into one, something we at Anime Games Online have always thought would be a nifty concept to have. Well, Nintendo is bringing that concept to reality, no longer are two separate gaming machines required. To play a game at home on the big screen and then take that same game on the go, when needed, is something we very much welcome. Of course, it really depends on the execution and games available, but at this very early point in time, it seems like it will be promising.

Nintendo announced a slew of third parties supporting their latest innovation and instantly we looked for one publisher, and one publisher alone – Bandai Namco Entertainment!

While no announcement has been made by Bandai Namco in regards to what games they will be available, we wonder if a Naruto, Dragon Ball, or One Piece title will be on the way? It’s been a few years since Naruto had a handheld appearance or an appearance on a Nintendo console so to have an entry like that hit both areas with Switch like that would be amazing. With the conclusion of the Storm series, sans the Road to Boruto expansion pack, we’re sure any fan of Naruto intending to get a Switch would love such a game. Dragon Ball and One Piece fans would have reason to celebrate as well, to be able to play their favorite anime/manga series on the go in higher quality than what has been offered on the 3DS.

Naruto, Dragon Ball, and One Piece are system sellers for us. With the worldwide popularity of these franchises, we’re hopeful Bandai Namco is working to get all three of them to Switch! If any announcements are made, of course, Anime Games Online hopes to let you know!

Take a look at the introduction to Nintendo Switch in the video below along with a graphic of publishers supporting the Nintendo Switch.