Naruto Shippuden Anime: Naruto vs Sasuke Final Battle Video Preview

Posted on August 26, 2016
Tags: Naruto, Videos

THE LAST BATTLE! It’s finally heading our way, NARUTO vs SASUKE! On September 8, 2016, with episode 475 of the anime, Naruto Shippuden will air the first episode in this epic duel between long-time rivals. The episode will be titled “The Final Valley”. Take a look at the video preview below. It’s a quick 15-seconds, repeated 3 times, for a total of a 45-second video. It shows Naruto and Sasuke, at the Final Valley, staring each other down before their battle.

You can take a look at the preview for the next episode as well, Naruto Shippuden 474. It is titled “Congratulations”.