Goku (Time Patrol) vs Demigra in New Dragon Ball Heroes Video

Posted on July 12, 2016

This past week a new video for the Japanese-exclusive arcade game, Dragon Ball Heroes, made its debut! It features Super Saiyan God Beat (a character only seen in Dragon Ball Heroes) and Time Patrol Goku vs Dragon Ball Xenoverse villain Demigra! Time Patrol Trunks, the Supreme Kai of Time, Time Breaker Vegeta, and Mira are also shown. The video kicks off with Mai and Trunks vs Black Goku from the Dragon Ball Super anime.

Dragon Ball Heroes has had a few other exciting videos recently. Goku from Dragon Ball Super and Luffy from One Piece go head-to-head in the video below in order to promote One Piece Film Gold, which releases July 23, 2016 in Japanese theaters.

There have been two other exciting reveals for the game franchise recently as well, including Goku Black from Dragon Ball Super and Time Breaker Vegeta.

In case you are unfamiliar with Dragon Ball Heroes, it is a card-based arcade game that is only found in Japan. Take a look at an explanation of it below.